ArchestrA is a comprehensive automation and information software architecture designed to integrate and extend the life of legacy systems by leveraging the latest, open industry standards and software technologies. It also unifies the Invensys Operations Management products that make up the InFusion ECS. ArchestrA ‘industrializes’ Microsoft .NET and other Microsoft technologies in order to provide an even more productive toolset for building critical operations management software solutions for manufacturing, production and facilities operations. The result exposes services needed by manufacturing and industrial infrastructure such as common name space, object management, industrial security, high availability and redundancy, plant connection, enterprise connection, client interface, web portal and systems management.

Utilizing ArchestrA technology, applications can be rapidly assembled using software objects rather than being “programmed”. Templates can be created for almost any purpose then used to build new applications simply through the reassembly and slight modification of these templates – saving time and lowering development costs. Offerings built upon ArchestrA empower decision-makers to achieve their business goals, without abandoning prior investments in systems, or intellectual property.

Key Features

  • Lower implementation and life cycle costs
  • Simplified configuration and maintenance
  • Broad scalability and highly secure

Key Capabilities

  • Common plant model reduces complexity
  • Single, highly extensible development environment
  • Easily maintained using template-based and component object-based environment
  • Remote application development and change management
  • Data level security and data communication built into the system