Asset Effectiveness

Improving your plant or facility’s asset effectiveness is no longer an option for most manufacturers or industrial operations today. If you can’t operate your assets in the most efficient manner possible, you increase operating costs and ultimately run the risk of falling behind your competitors.

Asset Effectiveness solutions from Wonderware deliver focused, real-time equipment performance information coupled with relevant maintenance information so plant managers can improve operational performance, increase asset availability and ultimately improve plant productivity – without adding additional plant assets.

Move to operator driven reliability and condition based maintenance using Wonderware Asset Effectiveness solutions. Control room based and mobile operators can view or create new work orders to initiate work on assets that show early signs of degradation – helping prevent costly secondary damage. According to industry experts, condition-based or predictive maintenance can save up to five times the cost of break down maintenance.

Wonderware offers a comprehensive Asset Effectiveness solution that incorporates ArchestrA, Wonderware’s industry leading software technology architecture, which delivers incredible easy of configuration, scalability and engineering efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Make better use of maintenance resources
  • Maximize the operational life of you assets
  • Increase asset availability and performance
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Key Capabilities

  • Condition-based monitoring and analysis
  • Downtime tracking and reporting
  • Integration of instrumented and non-instrumented asset data
  • Certified work order management integration with CMMS
  • Secure web-based reporting
  • Template-based system configuration