Control Panels


Novasys Automation specializes in design, manufacture and commissioning of Industrial Automation Panels with PLC,AC, DC Drives, SCADA/ HMIs, etc.


  • AC Drive panels unto 400KW
  • DC Drive panels unto 2000A
  • Panels with PLC logic- include application Logic design, programming & commissioning.
  • Panels with Mono/Color Touch Screen MMI.
  • Panels with Single Drive or Panel for Multiple drives
  • Control panels for smaller machines with bare minimum components required for panel circuit protection, control switches and indications.
  • Control panels with single AC/DC drive for control of single motor from multiple places- from the main panel, from the Pendant at field position, from centralized Digital Control Station.
  • Process Control Panels involving simple or complex process control with multiple field measurement and logical controls of process using PLCs/ relay logic. HMI/ Touch-screen Displays for indication/ control.

Control Panels for

  • Machine control panels for Wire & Cable manufacturing Industry.
  • Machine control panels for Engineering Machinery manufacturing Industry.
  • Cement Industry.
  • Paper & Plastic Film Industry.
  • Air Handling Units (AHU).
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry with operator pendants suitable for clean-room.
  • Food & beverages industries
  • packaging industries
  • Cement, steel, automobile, oil & chemical industries.