Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Wonderware offers software solutions for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that feature a complete set of functional capabilities for consistent and effective execution of operational activities, from product track & trace through enterprise integration.

Leveraging the ArchestrA software architecture, Wonderware manufacturing execution systems are completely scalable and configurable which enables a unique, incremental approach to operational improvements where low-risk deployment of increased application functionality can be realized one step at a time.

Trusted by hundreds of manufacturers in a wide range of manufacturing and production operations, Wonderware MES is designed to drive operational improvements and substantially decrease total cost of ownership.

Key Benefits

  • Connect the enterprise to the plant for greater visibility and control
  • Reduce lead time and manufacturing costs
  • Increase production throughput and product quality
  • Reduce efforts involved in compliance and governance

Key Capabilities

  • Integrated, scalable and configurable MES, enabling an incremental approach to deployment
  • Track & trace, specifications and yield management functions
  • Management of Work-In-Progress (WIP) and inventory in real time
  • Equipment performance and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) management/monitoring
  • Flexible routings with rules enforcement
  • Automated or operator (manual) data collection